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LMB Media Group, LLC

4750 Almaden Expressway #124-334
San Jose, CA 95118
(408) 728-8358
  • About

    We Provide Restaurant Marketing that is Profitable, Proven and Predictable.

    Whether you're big, small or somewhere in between, we’re here to help you grow your business faster and replicate results, not work.

    We’ve found most restaurants only focus on acquiring new customers, but fail to realize the hidden profit streams that exist with their current customers.

    You’ll be surprised at how much money you’re leaving on the table. It’s not uncommon for us to help you increase business by upwards of 30% or more.

    Our specialty is helping restaurants increase sales by getting your existing customers to come back more often.
    Access to customers allows you to increase business on demand.

    Your already doing this with offers, specials, coupons… BUT are you able to track the ROI of each these offers, do you have unique user level redemptions capability?
    We target and acquire local, new customers for your restaurant.

    Easily Build a Database (list) of new and existing customers
    Collect important information such as: birthday, anniversary, mobile phone and email.

    Create an automated VIP Club
    Send out automated VIP Club specials such as: birthday, anniversary, and members-only offers
    Provide ROI-trackable coupon delivery and redemption.